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Kauai and the art of Tripod Maintenance - LPP #22

In this episode Nick starts by reflecting on what made photographing Kauai so amazing, as well as the terrible tripod condition that followed.  In the second part of the episode Nick answers questions that came from the Facebook Group.

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Photographing Seascapes and the Oregon Coast - LPP #19

Seascapes are probably my favorite genera of landscape photography.  I love photographing moving water.  In this episode i talk about how important shutterspeed is, useful apps, as well as useful gear when photographing around the ocean.

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Apps and gear mentioned in this episode:

Magic Seaweed



Kimtech scientific wipes

Breakthrough Photography filters

NRS Boundary Socks

Tripod Spikes

Planning a photo trip, and travel tips for photographers - LPP #16

In this episode Nick talks about tips for planning a photo trip, as well as some general travel tips for photographers.
Planning around season indicators, and using social media tags and metadata to find out when those seasonal happenings might occur can be very useful.  In this episode Nick also talks about staying flexible with plans.. backup camera bodies.. showering with your tripod... and taking gear that makes sense rather than ever lens you own.